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Review: Life is Short by Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein


This isn’t my normal read but my Mama enjoyed so gave it to me.  And, I have to admit that it was not only interesting but also informative, funny and poignant.

The book’s structure worked well to tell their story.  Jennifer and Bill alternated chapters that basically gave their life history during the same time periods.  From their childhood surgeries, high school, college, work and then meeting and falling in love.  I immediately clicked with Jennifer’s story.  Her description of her medical struggles was very well done. She was able to describe some pretty horrific experiences without sounding sorry for herself (which she would have right to be).  Dr. Arnold is one tough woman.  She excelled in college, graduated medical school with honors and is a successful pediatric doctor.

It took a little longer for Bill to grow on me but once he did I became a big fan.  His descriptions of being bullied and, in one case, threatened remind us how important it is for us to have empathy and teach our children the same.  His love for Jennifer was what ultimately won me over, though.  And, his love for his children.

Overall, I liked this much more than I expected and highly recommend if you are interested in learning more about their story and some of the issues that little people put up with every day.

4/5 stars.