Review: One Fell Sweep (Innkeeper Chronicles #3) by Ilona Andrews


While I’ve enjoyed the Innkeeper Chronicles from the beginning, I always felt that the Kate Daniels series would remain as my favorite Andrews.  With One Fell Sweep, the IC has begun to give Kate a run for her money.  (In fact, if I look at all of the Andrews’ books, OFS is second only to Magic Bites on my favorites list.)

If you aren’t familiar with the Innkeeper books, here’s what you need to know.  Dina is an Innkeeper who is magically connected to the Inn that she runs.  Her B&B is basically a safe haven on Earth for alien travelers.  She takes her role as their protector very seriously.  Her love interest, Sean, is a werewolf (though the specifics of wolf-ism are different in this world).  In OFS, she receives an urgent message from her sister (who we’ve never met) and Dina enlists the help of friends to rescue Maud and her daughter, Helen.  Then they are all pulled into a holy war against a dying race, the Hiru, who offer Dina a bargain – help us and we will give you a tool to assist you in finding your lost parents.

The main reason this works is the blend of humor, action and heart.  OFS made me laugh out loud and cry multiple times.  It is that good.  Plus, Helen is one of my new favorite characters.  If I had a child who was half-vampire, I’d want them to be just like her.  And, the fight scenes are on-point.

One other thing that I just need to note is the Andrews’ creativity.  In building the Innkeeper world, they’ve allowed for other series characters to make appearances.  Thus far we’ve only seen George and Jack from the Edge series.  BUT…If you think about it, there is room for the Kate Daniels world, etc. to coexist and still make sense.

I cannot recommend the Innkeeper series enough.  You do want to start with book one, Clean Sweep.  Don’t delay.  It’s worth every penny.  5/5 stars.

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