December 2016 Month-In-Review

December was a pretty good reading month for me.  I finished both of the books that I carried over from November (Once Broken Faith and The Fires of Heaven).  Of the 10 books on my TBR list, I finished 9  – only leaving Lord of Chaos unfinished at the 20% mark.  In addition, I read two other short stories.  Dreams and Slumber is part of the Toby Daye series.  And, the Christmas short sent out by Craig Johnson – Eleven/Twenty-Nine.  I didn’t review that one but found it to be an enjoyable if not special read.

My favorite book of the month is an oldie but a goodie.  A Christmas Carol captures the spirit of the season (pun intended).  I haven’t yet written a full review but plan to re-read this each Christmas to remind myself to stop and take time to enjoy the people around me.  5/5 stars for this classic Charles Dickens.


How did your reading go in December?

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