Dear 2017


Dear 2017,

I don’t ask for much but there are a few things I’d like to see this year.

First, please be more gentle than your older sister, 2016.  Losing so many of our icons was hard on us.  We need our artists to help make the world a better (and more lovely) place.

Second, take care of my friends and family.  Each year I realize more of their importance to me.  They also make the world a better place.

Lastly, give me the time and freedom to read.  Here’s what I’m hoping:

  • Read at least 100 books.
  • Finish the Wheel of Time series (I’ve read through book 6 to date).
  • Continue to work my way through the Agatha Christie library.  If I read 2 Poirot and 1 Marple each month I should finish both of those series by the end of the year.
  • Read at least one classic each month.

Your friend (I hope),


P.S. If you could see fit to ensure I have plenty of tea on hand that would be great too.

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