2016 Year-In-Review

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103 books

35914 pages

The longest book I read was The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson at 1008 pages and it was probably also my favorite book of the year.  (Maybe my favorite book ever but it will need to stand the test of time before I’m willing to say that confidently.)

I also spent a good portion of the year working my way through part of Agatha Christie’s catalog. In 2016, I read 25 (of the bazillion) and primarily focused on the Poirot and Marple series.  I also listened to two Poirot audiobooks and found them unexpectedly enjoyable.

While my page count and books read are actually down from previous years, I’m pretty happy with my year in reading overall.  I did a better job of choosing what to read and when.  So, I count that as success.

Lastly, 2016 was the year I finally got my built in bookshelves that I’ve always wanted.  My fellow readers will understand that bookshelves are always a work in progress.  But, here are a few current pictures to show my babies.


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