Mini-Review: Three Act Tragedy (Hercule Poirot #11) by Agatha Christie


Three Act Tragedy is an enjoyable, easy to read mystery – it’s a Christie / Poirot, what else would I expect?

There are two things that kept this from being a 5- star read for me.  First, Poirot is only in two scenes (and not the major player in either one) until page 140.  As I said in one of my status updates, it could be that Christie started this as a stand alone story but then decided to make it a Poirot about halfway through (page 140 is the 51% mark) and she went back and added him into those two scenes.  It could have been a more cohesive investigation if he were a part of it from the start.

Second, I’ve now watched all of the BBC adaptations of the Poirot stories with the exception of Curtain.  I haven’t found it to hinder my reading enjoyment in the least.  However, I remembered the big reveal in this plot and it did take some of the thrill out of the ending.

Overall, though, a strong installment and another winner.  4/5 stars.

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