Mini-Review: Peril at End House (Hercule Poirot #8) by Agatha Christie

After working my way through about half of Christie’s works so far, I’ve come to the conclusion that almost all can be classified as good (3-4 stars) or great (5 stars). I think the 2- star entries will be few and far between and 1-star is unthinkable. 

Peril at End House falls into the good category at 4-stars. I probably would have enjoyed it more if read in one sitting. Instead I kept it as my ‘purse book’ for a while. So I only pulled it out when I had a few minutes before a meeting or appointment. This created a disjointed reading experience and wasn’t the best way to consume a Poirot. 

One thing I also noticed is that I now read Poirot with David Suchet’s voice. I’ve been binging BBC Poirot when I have time and am quite obsessed. It took me a few episodes to begin to appreciate his portrayal of the character but now…he is brilliant. I may have an unexpected crush. 

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