Mini-Review: The Killing Moon (Dreamblood #1) by NK Jemisin


I am woman enough to admit that I might not be smart enough to adequately review NK Jemisin’s work.  She is a genius.  I have adored everything I’ve read so far from her.

The Killing Moon is the first in the Dreamblood duology.  The world building and magical system are exceptional.  Gatherers are a revered, and very limited, portion of the Gujaareh people’s religion.  They worship Hananja and at her service they harvest Dreamblood from those who have requested it (think a very peaceful assisted suicide) or those deemed corrupt and judged to death.  The Dreamblood is then used to treat illness – both mental and physical.

The main character, Ehiru, is a powerful Gatherer who is a devout believer.  When things begin to happen that challenge his beliefs, he is forced to examine the corruption among his own kind.

Powerful on so many levels, The Killing Moon is a 5-star read.

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