Myrtle Mysteries: BBQ, Sweet Tea and Murder – Chapter 11

**I had a little free time today so decided to visit the world of Myrtle and Vera for a while.  It was nice to have them in my head for a few hours.  This is a very short snippet where they continue to investigate Big Pop’s murder.  Enjoy. **


The next two weeks were frustrating for both Myrtle and Vera.  They knew that at some point they needed to talk to Laura about the confrontation she had with Pop all those years ago.  Myrtle was sure that it was important.  Who was the woman he got pregnant?  And, did he have another child out there that noone knew about?

Myrtle knew that these were vital questions but she just couldn’t bring herself to talk to Laura and each time Vera brought it up, she found an excuse.

“Myrt, it’s been two weeks since we talked to Rhonda.  What the heck is wrong with you?  It’s Saturday, let’s go see Laura today.  Don’t you want to know about her fight with Pop?”  The friends were spending Saturday morning shelling beans on Vera’s porch.  Their fingers worked on autopilot after so many years practice.

“Of course I do, Vera.”  Myrtle sighed and tried to put her feelings, confused as they were, into words.  “Every time I think about what she could say, I get cold feet.  Truth is that I simply don’t want to talk to her.  There’s too much history.  You know she isn’t my favorite person but I just can’t see her killing anyone.  But we’ve got to find out who Pop had an affair with.”

“And maybe a child.” Vera added.  Setting her bowl aside and looking at Myrtle, she tried to gauge her reaction.  Her friend seemed to be in her own world but Vera noticed that her fingers were slowing down.  “Listen, I know this is weird for you but I’ve never known you to back down from anything.  Let’s go over there today.  Right now.”

With a resigned huff, Myrtle agreed.  Both went inside and put their bowls in the kitchen.  The beans could wait.

The two friends were quiet as they drove to Laura’s house on Outen Street.  Myrtle had always avoided driving by if at all possible and wasn’t anxious to see the house or its’ occupant.

Vera pulled into the driveway and turned to the woman she was closest to in the world.  “Myrt, you’ve got this.  And, if she gives you a hard time, I’ll be there to clean her clock.”

Myrtle laughed then squeezed Vera’s hand.  “Let’s go, Miss Marple.”

As they walked along the bluestone walkway to the front porch, Myrtle couldn’t help but notice all of the beautiful landscaping.  Loropetalum, tea olives and knockout roses were in bloom.  The ground was covered in lantana and carpet rosemary.  In the shaded areas, hydrangea were popping open to show blue, pink, purple and white blooms.  She saw one of her favorite plants, camellia, also tucked away in several spots where they could wait to show off their beautiful blooms in the late fall and winter.

When they reached the red front door of the large brick house, Vera stepped up to ring the doorbell.  In just a few seconds, they could hear footsteps and the door opened.  Vera was the first to speak.  “What are you doing here?”

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