Mini-Review: Vicious (Vicious #1) by VE Schwab


Ok, so first things first.  When I choose to write a mini-review it has nothing to do with the quality or my enjoyment of a novel.  Instead it’s all about time…and my lack thereof.  I run a business that gives me about 3000 headaches per day (I exaggerate. Slightly.) and time is precious.  But, these reviews are important to me even if noone else reads them or cares.  Anyway…

Vicious is the 2nd Schwab that I’ve read and I am quickly becoming a fan.  This was unique and so creative.  I wasn’t sure what to expect as I saw this classified as a “superhero” story.  One of the clues should have been the main character’s name – Victor Vale.  It is fast-paced and engaging.  For the most part there are no good guys and bad guys.  Everyone has issues and you aren’t quite sure who to pull for.  I loved that and cannot wait for book two.

4/5 stars.  Read it!

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