Review: A Great Reckoning (Armand Gamache #12) by Louise Penny


Book 2 in my #girlsrule reading challenge is A Great Reckoning, the 12th installment and newest release in the Armand Gamache mystery series by Louise Penny.  This is one of my favorite series and this book did not disappoint.

We have long suspected that Gamache couldn’t stay fully retired in Three Pines and I’ve been waiting to see what Penny had planned for him.  His choice of ‘new’ career wasn’t surprising but I felt it gave Penny the opportunity to tie up some loose ends that have been around for a while now.  It was consistent with his character and the tone of the series.  While some of the action takes place outside of Three Pines, I felt that the village’s characters (who are so important) were given sufficient page time.  Although I am still waiting for a Myrna-centric installment.  Please, Ms. Penny?

Several new characters are introduced and I’m interested (and only slightly apprehensive) to see how they are used in the continuation of this story.

Overall a great read and highly recommended.  But please start with book one and let the characters slowly find their way into your heart.

4.5/5 stars.

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