Mini-Review: New Spring (Wheel of Time #0) by Robert Jordan


This prequel to the Wheel of Time series hits all the right notes.  It has a strong story at its’ core and gives us some important history for several characters (namely Moiraine, Lan and Siuan.)  We witness Moiraine and Lan’s first meeting and the circumstances that led to his being bonded as her warder.  Even more importantly, we learn what precipitated Moiraine’s search (obsession?) for the Dragon Reborn.

What I enjoyed most was the insight into Moiraine.  She is a strong female character who presents a sometimes harsh face to the world.  It was nice, for lack of a better word, to see a younger version who hadn’t yet mastered the Aes Sedai stillness.  And, two friends who enjoyed playing pranks and laughing together.

Almost 5-stars but the ending was a little too abrupt.  4.5/5 stars.  A must read for Wheel of Time buffs.

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