Review: The Hidden Child (Patrik Hedstrom #5) by Camilla Lackberg


Have you ever read a book or a series that you like but you know that it’s missing something?  If so, this is that book and that series for me.

Set in Sweden, the Patrik Hedstrom series is not bad.  But there were things about this installment specifically that were weak and some that were just plain irritating.

Well, to be fair, let’s start with the good first.  Lackberg’s writing is easy to read.  While there are a few passages where the wording is a little clunky, that could be attributed to the translation.  The overall story is interesting and well-plotted.

I would like to say the pacing was also a positive.  Unfortunately, as soon as she would hit her stride telling the story, Lackberg would revert to recapping events that the reader already knew about.  When reading a mystery, I expect the author to recap towards the end when it’s close to being solved.  But these recaps were done at the halfway point which was unnecessary and slowed the pace.

Character development is one of the most important factors in my enjoyment of a book.  This is where it actually got irritating.  Or shall we say annoying.  Or maybe even infuriating.  I could choose several things to focus on here but I’ll stick to Patrik since he is considered the main character (more on that in a minute.)  Patrick and Erica had a child about a year ago.  She took a year off writing to care for Maja and now it’s his turn to take paternity leave for several months so that Erica can begin writing her next book.  He acted like an idiotic douchebag if you want the truth.  I can’t go into too many details as it would be spoiler-ish but, yeah, douchebag.  Interrupting Erica, inappropriate walks, acting like a big baby himself.  I lost all respect for him as a character.

So, this must mean I liked Erica even more, right?  WRONG!  She put up with his shenanigans and would forgive him for things at the drop of the hat with no remorse from him.  Ummmm…no.  Not okay.

And, while we’re talking about Erica, why the heck isn’t she considered the main character.  I’ve now read three of this series and SHE is the MC, not Patrik.  The only reason I could see for this is that a male dominated series might be considered to be a better seller.  I say again, not okay.

Unfortunately I think I am done with this series.  2/5 stars.

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