Review – Headhunters by Jo Nesbo


You can’t win them all.  Whomp whomp.

Headhunters is my least favorite Nesbo.  I am a huge fan of his so it pains me to say that I really didn’t like this book very much.

Sometimes when you read a stand alone book from an author who has a great series (Harry Hole), it’s natural to have mixed feelings.  This went beyond that.  There were things that I actually hated in this story.  My primary issue is that Nesbo was unnecessarily graphic in certain scenes.  I’m not talking about sexy times or even really violence.  It’s more of a physical graphicness that was just kind of disgusting.  Honestly, I think it was intentional as he seemed to be going for something a little different with Headhunters.  While I didn’t like these descriptions, I can admit that it takes talent to paint such a vivid picture; even if it is vomit-inducing.

What saves Nesbo from a 1 or 2-star rating is his character development which isn’t surprising.  Roger Brown, the headhunter, is a fascinating character that keeps you on your toes.  His nemesis, Clas Greve, is also well written (even if a little over the top). The secondary characters add a lot to the story and give us little to complain about.

While not my style, this book will appeal to readers with different tastes.  3/5 stars.

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