Review – Dry Bones (Walt Longmire #11) by Craig Johnson


When I first read the synopsis for this installment in the Longmire series, I wasn’t sure how it would work.  A story based around a T-Rex fossil?  But you know what?  It works and Johnson was able to highlight what is best about the Longmire books.

Scientists, the landowner, the federal government and others are all fighting for the rights to a T-Rex called Jen.  “Save Jen.”  Add to the mix the murder of a Cheyenne, a loss for the Longmire family and young love.

There are times that I have felt the Longmire books becoming formulaic and I’ve wished for more.  But, Johnson does what he does best.  He focuses on Walt, Vic and Henry while telling stories that appeal to his readers.  There is nothing wrong with that.  He does take some chances along the way (I won’t spoil for you but there is a big one in Dry Bones.)

My favorite thing about book 11, though, is that I read it at the same time as my Dad.  Months ago I gave him the first four books as a gift.  (I’ve done this before, the Dark Tower series, with little success.  But he actually liked these and caught up on the series over the last several months.)  The paperback edition of Dry Bones was released last Tuesday and it started some book loving texts:


Dad: Did you get the new Longmire book? I got mine today.

Mary: I did!  I’m reading it next.  Love you.

Dad: Great, love dad.


Mary: I finished!  Love you.

Dad: You read faster than me.  My old brain is slow.  Love you, Dad.

Mary: I loved it.  Hope you do too!!


5/5 stars.

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