Review: The Good Girl by Mary Kubica


Can we get publishers to agree that calling a book “the next Gone Girl” is played out?  Stop it, please.

I wanted to read this for a while just to see what all the hype was about.  Then, a friend was in a car accident (she’s okay!) and I gave a copy to her as part of a care package.  Ashamedly I will admit that I considered keeping it for myself for a moment.  When that passed, I then said “well, there’s no reason I can’t read it before I give it to her, right?”  Good Mary finally came out and I gave it to her in virgin condition.  Lucky for me she is a fast reader and a week later sent it to me with a note that I needed to read it.  Score one for karma!

The Good Girl is a solid thriller but when you’ve read a lot of them (***coughs***raises hand***coughs***), it is predictable.  Sadly, I figured out the big twist pretty early and that was quite a disappointment.

BUT…I liked it.  Good writing, good character development, good pacing.  Good, good, good.  (Yes, I used the word ‘good’ an annoying number of times intentionally.)

3/5 stars and I will read another by this author.  Fingers crossed she can surprise me next time.



3 thoughts on “Review: The Good Girl by Mary Kubica

  1. Great review Mary! And you have my admiration for resisisting temptation and being such a good friend. I hate it when publishers endlessly compare soon to be released books to previous successes. Remember during the Harry Potter craze, every new children’s and YA fantasy was touted as the next Harry Potter. Argh! Anyway, I’m on hold for this at my library. I think I’ve made it up to #8. Which is fine because I’m not in a huge rush to read it.

    • Thanks, Kim!

      I know. “The next Harry Potter.” “The next Hunger Games.” I feel like they are almost setting the book up for failure or disappointment from readers.

      I got approved for another from this writer on Netgalley. I’ll probably read it soon. Fingers crossed.

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