Mini-Review: Appointment with Death (Hercule Poirot #19) by Agatha Christie


I’ve decided that it would be impossible for me to dislike an Agatha Christie mystery.  Her pacing and characterization is perfect for me as a reader.

Appointment with Murder is no exception.  It is easy to read, well-plotted and a lot of fun.    However, it’s not destined to become one of my favorites for a few reasons.  First, Poirot had no sidekick in this story and only makes minor appearances during the first 50% of the book.  His arrogance is more tolerable when he has a friend at his side pointing out his absurdity in attitude.

The murder itself took place at about the 50% mark which brings me to my second issue.  I prefer Christie’s mysteries (haha…that rhymed) to spend the majority of the pages investigating the crime with Poirot questioning suspects.  In this case, I felt that section was rushed.

Overall, still an enjoyable read.  Just not the best.  4/5 stars.

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