Review – Poirot Loses a Client (Hercule Poirot #16) by Agatha Christie


This is a non-review review.  Poirot Loses a Client is a good novel (4/5 stars) but not Christie at the top of her game.  We are treated to more of the arrogant as always Poirot and, for this installment, his sometimes sidekick – Hastings.

Instead of spending time analyzing Poirot’s methods in solving this mystery, I’d rather talk about BOOKS and how much I love them.

Sometimes you have to accept certain facts about yourself.  I love to collect books.  So that I don’t become a true hoarder, I regularly go through my inventory and trade at used bookstores.  (Some books will forever be in my collection – Harry Potter, Outlander, Stephen King’s canon, etc. – but others may come and go.)  If I think I will want to keep a book permanently, I try to find it in hardback or trade paperback as I’ve always found them easier to read and they just look better on the shelf.  My plan is to collect all of Agatha Christie’s works so I started snatching up any available at the used bookstores I frequent (and I do mean frequent!).  While on a recent search, I came across a large stack of regular, mass-market paperbacks.  Usually I will only buy these if they are ‘read-once and then trade’.  As I turned my nose up and moved along the shelf, something made me stop and take a second look.  Many of the copies were OLD.  And once I started looking at them they were INTERESTING in the way only an older book can be.  I’m not sure I can describe the feeling to a non-book lover.  But those that share my obsession know what I mean.  This copy of Poirot Loses a Client was printed in 1965 (first published in 1937) and cost 45c.  It’s a thin paperback with somewhat small print.  The edges of the page are a turquoise tint and the pages themselves are a weathered tan color.  There is something about the feel of this book in my hands that I like.  The pages fell nicely as I was reading.  I could picture someone sitting in their small house in 1965 reading this by lamplight in a comfy armchair. It tied me to other readers in a way I cannot explain.  Since then, I’ve started searching all my usual haunts for other interesting paperbacks.  A few have already made their way onto my shelf and I will continue the quest.

Books make my life better.  They are the comfort I need at the end of a long day and I love them.

P.S. I may have to go on an internet search to determine why so many of Christie’s novels have been renamed at one point or another.  This one was apparently also called “Dumb Witness”.  Hmmmm….a mystery.

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