Review – Hunted (The Iron Druid Chronicles #6) by Kevin Hearne


I had to accept something as I was reading Hunted and it was a bummer.  I just don’t like female urban fantasy characters written by men.  My hope was that Molly (Butcher’s Dresden Files) was a fluke.  But, I still can’t bring myself to care anything about the world’s newest druid, Granuaile.  Female written females are favorites of mine – Kate Daniels, Mercy Thompson and so on.  What is the difference?  Don’t shoot me but it has to be the male perspective.

In the Dresden Files, Butcher has allowed Harry to ogle Molly over and over when it isn’t appropriate.  He obsesses about the fact that she is built like a brick house.

In the Iron Druid Chronicles, Atticus isn’t quite as bad but we are treated to too many reminders of Granuaile’s hair and freaking strawberry lip gloss.  Hearne, you let me down when you had G (I’m just going to call her that from now on, okay?) turn off her invisibility and show herself in a provocative manner to a homeless man to give him something to dream about.  Seriously, only a man could think of this. There was absolutely no reason for it in the story.  Just a chance to remind the reader that G is hot.  Barf.  I’d rather be reminded that she is loyal, caring and tough as nails.  These are all characteristics that Hearne has given her but because her hotness is forced down our throats, that’s what I remember.

Overall, I liked the story and there were some real surprises along the way.  Atticus was more druid-like and Oberon was a faithful sidekick as always.

I’m giving this 4/5 stars because I liked it.  But, honestly, if the next book (Shattered) has the same nonsense with G, Hearne and I will have words.


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