Review – People of Darkness (Navajo Mysteries #4) by Tony Hillerman

952205People of Darkness is the fourth book in the Navajo Mysteries series.  The story begins when a car bomb goes off at a cancer hospital.  From there it just gets weirder when a rich wife contacts Sgt. Jim Chee with the Navajo Tribal Police to hire him to find a stolen box.  Assassins, greedy business owners, peyote smoking religious Navajos and more.

When I finished the story, I rated it 4-stars but today I’m feeling it’s more of a 2-star.  Why the difference?  Partly because of the main character change up.  I knew from a series summary I read earlier that a second MC, Jim Chee, would be introduced at some point.  What I didn’t expect was for Hillerman to just use him in a story with no explanation of who he was and no tie-in to Joe Leaphorn, the prior MC.  After thinking about it, I believe this was a miss for Hillerman.  Fans of a series go into a book with certain expectations and it could have been a smoother transition.

Also, as you can see from my crazy synopsis above, the story was a little all over the place.  The resolution of the mystery wasn’t very satisfactory for me and seemed far-fetched.

While I enjoyed reading this, I do think it’s a 2-star.  Womp womp womp.

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