Review – Hell is Empty (Walt Longmire #7) by Craig Johnson

9794605The plot for Hell is Empty was used as the loose basis for the first episode of season two of the television series.  Several criminals are being transported across the county and escape into the Bighorn Mountains.  In blizzard conditions, Walt sets out alone to find them.

Once again, Johnson delivers a strong story that is well-paced and easy to read.  But what really makes this series so enjoyable are the characters.  Even the bad guys are interesting and multi-dimensional.

Johnson includes Crow and Cheyenne mysticism in many of his stories.  Hell is Empty again touches on the voices that Walt heard during another chase in a snowstorm.  I don’t want to spoil anything but the way that Johnson handles Walt’s guardian angel in this story was just exceptional.  I didn’t know what was real or imaginary (neither does Walt!) and it kept me hooked until the end.  If I had any minor complaint, it’s that I don’t want every book to become a “Walt vs. nature” fight to the death.  That wouldn’t make sense for his life.  He lives in Wyoming so the harsh winters are a reality but I’d rather not see another book with him stuck in a blizzard.

5/5 stars.  I’m in love.

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