Being an author is hard…

Author-MemeSo, friends, I’m going to tell you a secret.  I have a notebook where I keep some of my ideas for books I want to write.  And I keep telling myself that I will…one day.  This weekend, my mother-in-law and her husband visited and somehow my desire to write came up.  He, very seriously, told me that I needed to start doing it NOW.  No waiting.  Life is short and you should do what you love.  You don’t want to look back and think about the things you didn’t do.

Just a few minutes ago I read a blog post by Kim Harrison.  And it almost made me cry.  Her new book The Drafter has not had good sales numbers.  Even though she’s been a successful author for a long time, the 2nd book in the series is now on hold at the publisher.  Mind you, she’s already written it, turned it in and everything.  But, on hold because of the low sales.  And she is heartbroken.  Who wouldn’t be?

First things first, while you can see in my review I didn’t love The Drafter, it is still an excellent book that is better than most out there.  If you enjoyed her Hollows series (and I’m assuming her writing) then why the heck aren’t you reading The Drafter?  Give it a shot guys.  Come on.  If you are new to Kim Harrison, this is a solid entry into a new paranormal series.  It has tons of creativity and deserves an audience.  Give it a shot guys.  COME ON!

Now, back to me (it is my blog after all).  Writing is hard.  First you have to decide to do it.  Then do it.  Then wait for others to judge how well you were able to do it.  Regardless, it’s still my goal.  Maybe this is just the kick in the pants I needed.

More to come…


2 thoughts on “Being an author is hard…

  1. Writing is terrifying for me, but it’s who I am. I know I will stumble and fall and when I’m finally ready to put my work out there, I run into the preverbal brick wall repeatedly just trying to find an agent, but am confident that one day, it will happen, as long as I try long enough. I wish you all the best, and if writing is what you love, please do. I promise, the journey is so worth it (and I’m nowhere near the end).

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