Review – Tricked (The Iron Druid Chronicles #4) by Kevin Hearne


When I caught up on the Dresden Files, I knew I’d have a long wait for the next book.  In my search to quench my male-led Urban Fantasy thirst, I started working through The Iron Druid Chronicles.  Truth is this series is in many ways equal to and better than DF.  Tricked is a great example.

Atticus is dealing with the aftermath of the fight with Thor.  He, his apprentice and Oberon (Irish Wolfhound and all around favorite character) are faking their own deaths with the help of the great Trickster, Coyote, so they can move away and start fresh.  You know what that means?  He now owes Coyote a favor.  Oy.

Tricked is well-written, fun and action packed.  If you like your Urban Fantasy a little tongue in cheek, you will love this.  What Hearne is doing so well with each installment is continuing to build the world, the characters and a complicated life for Atticus.  One of my favorite scenes wasn’t full of action or humor.  It wasn’t about the Druid’s connection with the earth.  It wasn’t even centered on Oberon.  Without giving too much away, it was a pretty simple scene that was brought about due to revelations from book 3.  And, it was heartbreaking.  If you have trust issues, let’s just say they will be reinforced.

I can’t wait to see where Hearne takes us next.  5/5 stars.

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