Review – Another Man’s Moccasins (Walt Longmire #4) by Craig Johnson


It’s hard to believe I’m already on book four of this series. While Another Man’s Moccasins wasn’t my favorite, it still earns a 4.5 rating for the story and continued exceptional character development.

My father’s birthday is next week and I know that he enjoys watching the TV show and enjoys reading all sorts of novels. It seemed almost too easy to consider buying him a set of Longmire books for his gift. I even had it in the Amazon cart ready to click. Then, I started reading AMM and questioned if it was the right decision. You see, a big part of the book are flashback scenes to Walt’s time in Vietnam. Some are harmless enough but others are vividly described and not pretty. It was war. Soldiers had to make tough decisions that they then live with their entire lives. Walt witnessed several atrocities and it’s a wonder he is as stable as written. Given that my father was also in Vietnam, I wasn’t sure I wanted to gift him something that could bring back memories he would rather keep compartmentalized. I asked my mom about it and she agreed with me. About an hour later, I got a call from her saying “Dad wants the books.” She had told him about it and he said that he wanted them. Rather than hiding from anything about Vietnam, he’d rather read these fictional accounts. He likes these stories and, I think, the sense of community he feels by sharing it with someone else anonymously.

This made me love my father even more and means I am rounding up my rating to 5-stars.

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