Review – The Snowman (Harry Hole #7) by Jo Nesbo

6965550-2I’m not going to spend a lot of time discussing the intricacies of this installment of the Harry Hole series.  After all of my praise, you’re either reading it or not.  (If not, seriously…why?)  The Snowman is another solid entry and kept me hooked.  Harry is searching for a killer.  That’s all you really need to know.

This wasn’t my favorite but was still good enough to rate 4/5 stars.  A few things just didn’t quite click as well as in prior installments.  However, it was an edge of your seat finish which means I am itching to get to book 8.

Instead of taking up space with more praise for Nesbo, I’ve decided to share a tidbit about myself.  I can get excited about the strangest things in life.  One that always gets me is finding a different edition of a book.  Living in SC in the good ol’ USA, I know that if I have the UK edition, it’s not the exact same as everyone else has.  And, I like that.  Most of the time, these are random finds at used book stores.  The Snowman was such a find and it even has the price sticker still attached showing the price in Euros (14.99) and the original jacket shows the price in Pounds (12.99).  I would have chosen this over any US edition.

But, really, they do need a little quality control at the printing press for Harvill.  About halfway through, I started reading a page and thought “wait a minute, didn’t I just read this?”  When I looked at the page number it was 219 but the prior page was 222.  Here’s what happened for the next 50 pages or so: 219-220-221-222-219-220-2212-222-223-224-225-226-223-224-225-226….and so on.  VERY annoying when you are trying to immerse yourself in a story.  The good news was that I had fewer pages left than I thought so got through it that much faster. The bad news is that I was irritated during some important scenes.

If anyone is in the publishing business, I’d love to know how this could happen.  I imagine that everything is computerized and done by robots and we all know they don’t make mistakes.

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