Review – Alice by Christina Henry

23398606If anyone wondered why I recently re-read Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, here you have it.  I was preparing to read this updated take on Alice’s adventure.  And, you know what?  It’s kind of excellent.  As I said in one of my status updates this is not your mother’s Alice in Wonderland.

We meet Alice, a resident of a mental institution who has vague memories of being attacked by a rabbit and then…blood.  In the room next to her is Hatcher, an unstable man with whom she has a friendship through their shared wall.  When a fire takes over the hospital, the two of them escape along with something else that was hidden below ground.  Now, they have to find this monster before it kills even more people.

I’m not quite sure how to describe Alice.  It’s technically horror but I didn’t find it overly scary or gory.  Instead it was very dark psychologically.  Alice’s parents have given up on her and she has to find an internal strength that she doesn’t think she has.  Hatcher takes care of her but is violent and unpredictable to just about everyone else.  Healthy relationship?  Not really but Alice will take what she can get.

What makes this great is that it is unapologetically bleak when it needs to be.  Nothing is really off-limits and if you have triggers beware (rape, sex slavery, violence, blood, etc.)  But, if you get past all of that, you will see that it’s about finding your way, discovering your strengths and coming to terms with the past.

The ending was a little rushed and I could sense the setup for future books.  But, overall a great read and highly recommended.  4/5 stars.

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