Review – Magic Shifts (Kate Daniels #8) by Ilona Andrews

23435302Fans of Ilona Andrews know that they originally planned for a 7-book series that ended with the showdown between Kate and her father, Roland.  We found out a while back that they had signed on for another 3 books and the crowds went wild.  No one was ready to say goodbye to Kate and Curran just yet.

So, if you haven’t read the series through #7, there will be spoilers for you below.  No way to avoid them.

Kate has claimed Atlanta to keep Roland’s greedy paws off of her town.  Curran stepped down as the beast lord so that he could stay with her and not bring the Pack into the fight with Roland.  Now what?

Magic Shifts is a transition book and that’s okay.  The original story arc ended when Kate faced Roland.  We had 7 books leading us to that moment.  Now, it’s time for Kate and Curran to figure out how to live their new lives.  We learn that Curran is having to adjust to suburban life (well, more like the suburbs are adjusting to having Curran) and that Kate loves her new home.  She never really felt comfortable at the Keep and, honestly, why should she have?  Many of the pack were not welcoming and she was always an outsider no matter what she did for them.  I was surprised to read how strongly Curran still felt about the events from a few books back – when he was brutally injured and many of the Pack challenged Kate while so few of his ‘allies’ supported her.  Ultimately, it was not only his love for Kate that led him to leave but his continued resentment of their treatment of her (and him as well since they were really challenging his role as the beast lord.)  This made me love him even more and he is now back up to #2 on my list of alphas.

We start to learn what the claiming of Atlanta means for Kate and how this will impact both her and the city.  The Pack is still involved in their lives but to a much lesser degree.  It will be interesting to see how many of them end up moving to the suburbs with K and C to basically start a new pack.  (I know, I know.  It’s not technically a pack but it kind of is.)  Things are revealed that give us even more reason to be glad that they made the decision to leave.  The pack doesn’t deserve them.

I loved the direction Andrews chose for Curran’s professional life going forward.  This will be fun and take us back to Kate’s early mercenary days.

Roland, Roland, Roland.  What is going on with you and what is your end game?  We all know that you are evil but are you that evil?  Exciting times.

5/5 stars and ready for this next chapter of Kate and Curran to continue.

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