Review – The Redeemer (Harry Hole #6) by Jo Nesbo

17978427I’m going to sound like a broken record during this review.  That’s okay.  If you are a fan of Michael Connelly, Lee Child, Stieg Larsson, Louise Penny, Tana French or any other talented mystery/thriller writer, then why the heck aren’t you reading Jo Nesbo? 

The Harry Hole series is one of the most consistent thriller series that I’ve ever read.  And, Harry is captivating as the lead character.

The Redeemer takes place during the Christmas season in Oslo.  A Salvation Army worker is killed while singing at a concert.  Harry is called upon to find the killer.

Now that Ellen’s murder has been solved (mastermind has been confirmed as Tom Waaler), Harry is trying to move on with his life.  Rakel, as expected, has pushed him away after his job placed her son, Oleg, in danger during the last book.  He’s precariously on the wagon but it’s clear that a strong wind can push him off.  Plus, he is dealing with the retirement of his boss and friend, Bjarne Moller, and a NEW boss who is more military than police.  Those that know Harry know that he doesn’t do well with following the chain of command.

The story in Redeemer is probably the strongest thus far in the series.  Well paced with some heartbreak and surprising twists (one I seriously didn’t expect.)  But the real reason that this series stands out is Harry.  Nesbo has done a stellar job of creating this fascinating protagonist who has so many flaws.  He is unmatched in police work but cannot pull his personal life together for any significant length of time.  Does he make some bad decisions?  Yes, absolutely.  But each time I pick up one of his books, I know that I have someone to pull for.

I especially enjoyed Harry’s interactions with his new chief.  He gave me a few laugh out loud moments in his comebacks.  It is good for Harry to have his buttons pushed though.  He needs to be challenged and I think he can learn some things from Hagen.

5/5 stars.  Favorite of the series so far.

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