Review – Kindness Goes Unpunished (Walt Longmire #3) by Craig Johnson

2227087When Walt and Henry Standing Bear take a road trip to see Cady, Walt’s daughter, things don’t quite go as planned.  Cady is attacked Walt’s first night in town and ends up in a coma.  Walt works with the local police to find out who attacked Cady and why.  And, of course, since they are in Vic’s hometown of Philadelphia, we get to meet her family which was an eye-opening experience for everyone.

Yep, you are correct.  I gave another Longmire mystery 5-stars.  The storyline is superb.  Although, I will admit that I was skeptical of him setting this one in Philly since part of what I love about the series are the descriptions of Wyoming.  But, you know what, this worked as a single instance.  We see Cady in her professional setting, Vic’s family of crazies (more on that later) and we confirm that Henry Standing Bear can pick up women in any city.

Reading Walt’s vulnerability as a father showed us the softer side which we’ve glimpsed in the past.  When he is searching Cady’s office for clues, he notices that she has pictures of important people in her life scattered all around.  There’s one of her mother, one of Henry, etc.  But, none of Walt and he’s understandably hurt and confused.  When Henry hits the spacebar of Cady’s computer showing her and Walt hugging as her screensaver, I almost started bawling.  Even now I am tearing up.  Golly.  Their relationship is highlighted throughout the book.  (One little note, though.  Does anyone else get kind of uncomfortable once in a while with her VERY close relationship with Henry?  I mean he is basically her 2nd father/uncle/older brother.  But, sometimes…  On a personal note, my Dad’s best friend (who is my mom’s best friend and cousin’s husband) is also like a 2nd father to me.  And, I would consider us close but not Cady/Henry close.)

Johnson’s character development of the new entries was so well done.  Vic’s mom.  What can I say?  I can’t decide if I love her or hate her.  Vic’s dad – not a fan but it seems that noone likes him so that’s okay.  Meeting the two of them, it becomes clear where Vic gets her strengths and weaknesses.  I’m a big fan of the brothers and hate that we won’t see more of them when we head back to Wyoming in the next book.

The plot is well-paced with realistic bad guys and a lot of twists and turns.  I believe I’ve seen that some readers had a problem with the Vic and Walt storyline in KGU.  Maybe I should have but I didn’t.  It makes sense within the story for the book and the series as a whole.

An excellent read and highly recommended.  Start from book one though so you can get to know everyone better.  5/5 stars.

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