Review – Cold Days (The Dresden Files #14) by Jim Butcher

12216302After being disappointed in Ghost Story, I expected to love Cold Days.  Did that happen?  Well, you’ll have to take the multiple choice quiz below to find out.  Are you ready?  Let’s play (minor spoilers except where noted).


Q: In Cold Days the author allowed Harry to show some real personal growth by:

a. Immediately telling all his friends that he was back from the dead.

b. Being honest with himself about his feelings.

c. Ogling the winter changeling who is sent to assist with his physical therapy.

(Correct answer: C.  Ladies, don’t we always want to read this in a leading man?)


Q: When Harry’s friends find out he is alive, they all work together to find a way to get him out of his deal with Mab by:

a. Contacting Lea, Harry’s godmother and the 2nd strongest Winter fae, to find out their options.

b. Trying to find something Mab wants more than Harry.

c. LOL.  They didn’t even try.

(Correct answer: C.  Harry doesn’t even talk to Lea.  For real?)


Q: Mab gives Harry a seemingly impossible task as his first Winter Knight assignment.  He:

a. Immediately gets to work.

b. Spends more than half the time assigned to do other things.

c. Lays down and accepts DBM (Death By Mab).

(Correct answer: B.  Yep, typical Harry.  Need to do “a” so I think I will work on x, y and z for a while.)


**Warning: This question and corresponding answer have the biggest spoiler I’m going to give you.**

Q: Harry realizes that Molly still has very strong feelings for him that are not in the trainer and apprentice vein.  So he:

a. Fixes her up with someone more her age.

b. Goes to her dad and his friend, Michael, to get his advice.

c. Gives her some vague “I don’t think it will ever happen….” with a but clearly implied.

(Correct answer: You got it – C.  This honestly was what did this book in for me.  There was a clear path at the end of Changes for Harry and Karrin, an appropriate romantic interest for him, to take their relationship to the next level.  Did that happen?  Nope.  Why?  EXCUSES – none of them valid at this point after everything they’ve been through together.  This tells me that the author is leaning towards actually putting Harry and Molly together.  Sorry, Jim, I can’t accept that.  Michael is one of Harry’s best friends and he has known Molly since she was a child.  He has been in an authority position over her for a long time.

Listen, I really hope it doesn’t happen.  But if it does, I’m out.  OUT!  I’m going to read the next one – Skin Game soon with hopes that this issue is resolved.)


I gave this 4 stars when I finished reading because it was fun and I love the characters but the more I thought about question 4, I just couldn’t live with that rating.

2/5 stars.

2 thoughts on “Review – Cold Days (The Dresden Files #14) by Jim Butcher

    • I don’t want to! Honestly, this scenario would be the only thing I can think of that would make me quit Harry. I love the books and even love Harry with all his faults. The thought of the two of them together just makes me sick.

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