Review – Steel’s Edge (The Edge #4) by Ilona Andrews

12119496“Don’t judge a book by its’ cover.”  Alright…but let’s just be honest.  The cover is important.  It’s the first impression and draws the reader in.

Ilona Andrews deserves better covers for their books.  There, I said it.  The Kate Daniels covers are good (especially the newer ones – I didn’t like some of the older ones).  Burn for Me was pretty much atrocious.  And, if I’m honest, the Edge covers haven’t been great either.  Part of the problem is that they make the leading female characters appear almost as teenagers.  (The lead for Steel’s Edge is over 30.  Tell me that model reflects her age.) GRRRR…Things like that bother readers.  I just don’t get what publishers are thinking.

Well, onto the book itself.  Finally, a 5-star in the series.  Charlotte is a strong female lead and Richard holds his own as the leading man.  Their relationship grew organically and we felt the connection between them.  Readers can relate to Charlotte especially.  While she is a noble, she was adopted rather than born into that family.  We find out pretty early on that she is barren and her husband left her because she couldn’t give him an heir.  Ilona did a great job of portraying her sadness and her husband’s betrayal.  It gave us a good foundation for her character’s motivations throughout the story.

As always, the world building is exceptional.  Thinking of all the IA books I’ve read, that is probably their greatest strength.  They create layered magical worlds that make sense and that takes a lot of talent.

There were a few heartbreaking moments that were very well done.  And, we got updates on some of the characters from prior books in the series.

I know, I know.  Ilona Andrews has said this series is done.  I’m okay with that.  But, can we get a spin-off with George, Jack and Sophie?  There is so much more story to tell for these three.  Pretty please.

5/5 stars.

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