Review – Side Jobs (Stories from the Dresden Files) by Jim Butcher

7779059-2I’m not a huge fan of stand alone short stories but absolutely love them as part of a larger series.  You can find out all kinds of delicious bits and pieces about your favorite characters that the author hasn’t been able to include in the main books.

Overall, Side Jobs was a solid winner full of tales of Harry, Thomas, Karrin, Michael, Billy / Georgia and more from the Dresden world.

The best were:

Warrior – I seriously loved, loved, loved this story.  Michael dealing with life after his injuries and trying to defend his family now that he isn’t a Knight of the Cross.  He has been such a good man for so long that it was refreshing to see him almost lose it on someone.  Truly, this is one of my favorite stories ever read.  Maybe it was just timing but it touched me.  “The grinch’s heart grew three sizes that day.”

Aftermath – Takes place just after Changes so I can’t really tell you the plot of the story as it would completely spoil that book.  But, it’s all about the Aftermath of a major event and Karrin is the primary character.  My favorite quote: ” You think about life differently when you know that half the people you see have the physical power to do things to you, regardless of whether you intend to allow it – and even implied threats of physical violence have to be taken seriously.”  MEN – when you hear women talking about fear and unwanted advances, remember these words.  We live with this every day.

As with any group of stories, there are a couple of stinkers:

Last Call – my issue was that it was forced and unnecessary.  Short stories as part of a series should add something to the overall arc.  OR, they should be funny, heartfelt, or something.  This one was just…there.

Day Off – it’s probably unfair to call this one a stinker as I actually noted it as “pretty good.”  But, it was a reminder of some things that Jim Butcher tends to fall into occasionally that are annoying.  Not enough to cause major reader issues but like a fly buzzing in your ear.


4/5 stars and a must read for fans of the Dresden Files.

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