Review – Changes (The Dresden Files #12) by Jim Butcher

6585201Once again I am reminded that I really need to write reviews soon after I finish a novel.  Why, oh why, does life have to get in the way?  Since May 17, I’ve read about 5 other books and worked about 1000 days so I just cannot remember many of the important details needed to write a good review.  C’est la vie.

Here’s what I can tell you.  Changes wasn’t my favorite of the series.  Good but not great up until the 80% mark.  Then, HOLY COW.  The last 20% blew my mind.

There are major reveals fairly early in the book that should’ve been more surprising than they were.  I can’t say that I saw them coming but for some reason they kind of made sense.  Harry has to make some very hard decisions within these pages.  And, it’s cliche, but things are never going to be the same.  You know what, that’s okay.  We are at book 12 and a shake up can be a good thing.  It shows the reader that the author is willing to take a risk.  Butcher isn’t going to write each book as a stand alone ending with Harry at home, successful after solving yet another case.  There are real CHANGES taking place now.  This is a series that has stayed fresh for me but this will breathe even more life into it and I’m excited about that.

In fact, the next book is calling to me from my book shelf.  I’ll pick you up soon, my pretty.  Don’t worry.

4.5/5 stars.

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