Review – The Winter Long (October Daye #8)


This is a good example of why I love reading so much. When I first started the Toby Daye series, I thought it was okay but not a stand out in the urban fantasy genre. Slowly, it has become one of my absolute favorites. Seanan McGuire has mastered the art of not only storytelling but world building.

You know, I can’t even really give you a synopsis as anything I say will be a spoiler. As the VERY short blurb says: “Toby thought she understood her own past; she thought she knew the score. She was wrong. It’s time to learn the truth.” And, learn we do. Questions that began in book one are answered. Other, new, questions are raised. We finally see the truth behind some of the characters we’ve grown to love. It isn’t always pretty but as Toby realizes, even a painful truth is better than being spoon fed lies your entire life.

A review wouldn’t be complete without a little bit of Tybalt love. He is BY FAR my favorite alpha in UF right now. He is there for Toby but doesn’t treat her with kid gloves. Supportive but not smothering. And, he wears leather pants. Come on. (I also love that SM leaves some things to the imagination. She allows the story to speak for itself and doesn’t oversell with too much over the top sexy times. These characters wouldn’t be comfortable with that blasted all over the pages and McGuire seems to respect that.)

I want to say so much but can’t. Even if you don’t care about spoilers, this is one of the rare cases where I do. Trust me. Read this series from the start and don’t spoil anything. Let Seanan McGuire reveal the story to you in her own way. It’s truly magical.

5/5 stars. Fan-freaking-tastic.

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