Review – Doctor Sleep (The Shining #2) by Stephen King

16130549When I found out that Stephen King was publishing a sequel to The Shining, I immediately pre-ordered it so that I could read it the day it came out.  I got it in my hot little hands and put it on my ‘currently reading’ shelf.  I read page one, two, three – young Danny and his mom .  Good.  Then I got a little further (basically when it switched to someone else’s POV) and it got weird.  A few more pages, still weird.  Several more and the book then went onto my ‘on hold’ shelf for about a year and a half.

Writers who have such a successful book that is well-known and almost revered (heck, The Shining was even featured on an episode of Friends as the scary book Joey had to keep in the freezer) run a major risk when they try to write a sequel years later.  Doctor Sleep suffered because it was tied to The Shining.  And, honestly, there just isn’t a comparison.  From the good guys to the bad guys, the locales and the story itself, it doesn’t stand up.  Danny, the good guy, got on my nerves and I didn’t care very much about him.  The bad guys were too caricature-y and I never really felt scared for our main characters.

Is it a good book?  Yes.  Will I ever re-read it?  I highly doubt it.  There were moments that stuck with me.  However, almost all were because of Shining flashbacks.  Redrum.  Danny’s dad and his struggles.

If I’m being fair, it’s probably a 4-star read.  But, still a disappointment so it’s getting 3-stars.  Sometimes you should leave well enough alone.

Womp womp.

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