Review – Night Broken (Mercy Thompson #8)

night broken_front mech.inddI put this book on my currently reading shelf January 27.  Then I proceeded to avoid reading it for about 4 months.  Why?  Because of the synopsis:

From Goodreads: “An unexpected phone call heralds a new challenge for Mercy. Her mate Adam’s ex-wife is in trouble, on the run from her new boyfriend. Adam isn’t the kind of man to turn away a person in need—and Mercy knows it. But with Christy holed up in Adam’s house, Mercy can’t shake the feeling that something about the situation isn’t right.  Soon, her suspicions are confirmed when she learns that Christy has the farthest thing from good intentions. She wants Adam back and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen, including turning Adam’s pack against Mercy.  Mercy isn’t about to step down without a fight, but there’s a more dangerous threat circling. Christy’s ex is more than a bad man—in fact, he may not be human at all. As the bodies start piling up, Mercy must put her personal troubles aside to face a creature with the power to tear her whole world apart.”

Were my worries justified?  Pretty much – yes.  I’m going to try not be too spoiler-y but I just want to tell you why I was frustrated with some of our characters.

The pack – why don’t we start with this pack of people that don’t deserve Mercy, hmmm.  I’ve said it in prior reviews.  I have a problem with the fact that all the female pack members treat Mercy like crap.  She has no female friends in or outside the group.  Why do they hate her?  Because she isn’t a wolf but a coyote.  OK…follow me here.  The women apparently loved Christy, Adam’s ex, who is human.  She was able to give Adam a child (apparently one of their jealousies toward Mercy is that she could have a child.)  Ergo, if they hate Mercy for this reason why don’t they hate Christy?  Mercy has saved their butts on more than one occasion and is not only a loving mate to Adam but an asset to the pack.  It no longer makes sense for them to treat her this way and I’ve had it up to here.

Adam – My favorite alpha has gone down several notches and he may not be able to recover in my eyes.  I hardly comment on other reader’s reviews (everyone reads things differently).  But, for the life of me, I cannot understand why more female readers weren’t infuriated with him.  We are reminded that he still pays ALL of Christy’s bills.  He allows her to come into their home (HE should have been the one to say no and not turned it on Mercy for her to make the decision.)  When she’s on her way, he talks about the fact that people will be susceptible to her manipulations and then he falls right into it.  Nothing too overt but…he reminisces with her, he allows her to put her makeup in his bathroom (seriously, this is worthy of death in and of itself), he allows the pack to fawn all over her while crapping on Mercy and he lets her have his cell phone when he knows she is screening Mercy’s calls.  By the way, that almost gets Mercy killed but who’s keeping score.

Mercy – I hate martyrs.  Mercy was a martyr here and I am so disappointed.  Her childish way of dealing with Christy in the end was not sufficient.  She should have put a foot up her butt and let the door hit her on the way out.  Instead she suffered.  She let the pack treat her badly and then fought for them.  Over and over.  I lost so much respect for her.

Notice that Christy isn’t on the list.  She is who she is.  Everyone went into this situation knowing what she would do and she did it.  They chose to let it happen.  I blame them.  Not her.

What makes me most sad is that I might just be done with this series.  5-star writing but I can’t take the direction of the story.  Too much manufactured angst for no reason.  This would have been a great book without Christy.  Don’t Mercy and Adam deserve that?  I think so.

2/5 stars.  The 2nd star is only because Stefan makes an appearance. We are reminded of something from a few books back and I actually went back to thinking that there should be more of him in the series.  Options, Patricia Briggs.  Mercy has them.

3 thoughts on “Review – Night Broken (Mercy Thompson #8)

  1. YES! I’m so glad to see that someone had the same issues with Mercy and Adam as I did! I got some flack for thinking that Mercy was a martyr and hating Adam in this book. Most people told me that I just didn’t understand because I hadn’t read the other books in the series and that if I read the previous books I would be more forgiving of Adam. (Highly doubtful, by the way). I’m glad to see that you had the same issues.

    I was also incredibly frustrated that Christy and Adam didn’t really face any consequences for their actions. All that drama around Adam’s coddling Christy and her manipulations for no pay off.

    • Yes, you hit the nail on the head. It actually made it worse that I had loved Adam for 7-books and then he pulled this. It was so, so disappointing. Mercy was a shell of herself here. Book 1 Mercy would be mortified.

      • Awww, yeah that would make it harder. The lack of concrete conclusion on the Christy issue makes me wonder if Briggs plans to do something more with it in the next book. We never saw the woman leave so I’m assuming she’s still going to be hanging around.

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