Review – Turn Coat (The Dresden Files, #11) by Jim Butcher

turn coat
You may or may not have noticed that my posts recently have been few and far between.  Work and real life have been crazy.  Time to read and blog has become precious.  For the first time in recent years I am way behind on my personal reading challenge and probably won’t hit my goal.  That’s okay.  Life happens.

Why do I tell you this?  Because when you are so busy that you barely get a chance to do your favorite thing (read, duh), then it’s pretty telling to look at what you choose.  For me it’s been all Dresden.

You know what? TURN COAT was so worth it!  I’ve officially added it as one of my favorites.  Not just in this series but overall.

I’m actually kind of surprised by how much I loved it.  It has a lot of political and bureaucratic undertones with the White Council and their rules and regulations.  Michael doesn’t appear and I’ve come to love him as part of Harry’s world.  And, one of my least favorite characters, Morgan, is a primary player.  This should have been a recipe for disaster.  And, somehow, it is spectacular.

Once you reach book 11 in a series the author risks: recycling story lines, characters who become caricatures of themselves, lazy world-building and lackluster results.  Butcher has done the opposite.  This series has just gotten better.  Harry continues to grow and evolve.  Book 1 Harry wouldn’t recognize himself now.  He has a strong group of friends and allies.  Hells Bells, he even has his head on straight when it comes to women.  I never would have thought that early on.

Using Morgan as part of the main storyline here was genius.  He and Harry have been at odds since Book 1, Chapter 1.  Faithful readers don’t like him.  But, man oh man, does his story work here.

When I started this series, I thought, “OK…there are 15 books already published.  I will either hate the series and stop after a couple or if I do like it, I won’t have long waits between books as it will take me forever to get through these.”  How wrong was I?  I am itching to pick up book 12 right now and can easily read one of them in a day.  Book 16, Peace Talks, isn’t published until May of 2016.  2016????

The final thought I want to leave is actually for the author.  “Dang you Jim Butcher for making me cry.”

5/5 stars.  What a ride!

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