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Review – Small Favor (Dresden Files #10) by Jim Butcher

927979What?  Yes, it’s been over a month since my last book review post.  I’ve been busy.  Very.  Very.  Busy.

But, I did have time to read book ten in the Dresden Files series.  And it was my favorite yet.  Probably by a long shot.

Harry still owes Mab, the Winter Queen of the Sidhe, two favors and she calls upon him to find a kidnap victim.  Turns out Harry knows him – Marcone.  That’s right.  The mob boss.  Why is Mab involved?  Why is Harry being targeted by the Summer Court and specifically the Billy Goats Gruff?  Why am I asking so many questions and using every punctuation mark available?

The best books in this series include the fight between good and evil (or at least those that consider themselves good and / or evil.)  Here we have the Knights of the Cross and the Fallen once again.  We see a lot of Michael and his family.  He’s been a hit or miss character for me since most of the time he is such a “just have faith” person.  Here, though, we see the culmination of things that have been foreshadowed and it was an edge of your seat, nail-biting time.  Michael became someone I cared about along with so many of Harry’s other friends.

Even Molly, Harry’s apprentice, was a more likable character.  She is growing up.  Finally.

I want to say so much more but I’m afraid to get spoiler-y and there is just too much goodness within these pages for me to do that to you.

For those that are just starting this series, YES – it does get better as it goes.  Forgive some of the small things early on and you will be rewarded.  If you haven’t tried the Dresden Files, why not?


P.S. There are several short stories and novellas between Small Favor and the next book, Turn Coat.  I’ve gotten through most of them at this point.  Some are better than others but one, Warrior, is probably one of my favorite stories read this year.  It also focuses on Michael and I’m seriously tearing up typing this.  What defines a warrior?  How can small everyday decisions affect someone unintentionally?  It’s worth purchasing Side Jobs (the short story collection) for this story alone.