Moving day thoughts

This is more like a cathartic journal entry than a blog post. I apologize in advance. 


In late January we noticed that a home (same floor plan as ours) sold very quickly in our neighborhood. Curious, we looked up the sales price and found that it was an amount that we would be happy to accept for our own house.  We had planned to stay for a few more years even though we weren’t super happy here if I’m being honest. It’s hard to use the outdoor space as the houses are so close together and with the influx of young families came a lot of noise.  I love kids but sometimes I want to sit on my porch and drink coffee without having to listen to 20 of them screaming in the street. 

With minimal expectations, we listed our house with the realtor that sold the other home. Lo and behold, about a week later we had an accepted offer. Panic time set in. Within a few days we had to find a new house, make an offer and start the painful process of MOVING. 

Today we are finally almost there. The movers are packing up the truck as I type. Yet my stomach is in knots and I don’t feel the excitement that I hoped. 

In some ways this was an easy sale and move. The realtor sold our house in a week. My husband and I have moved enough that we were very organized with the packing so that all the movers have to do is put everything on the truck. We love the house we are buying. With over an acre and woods on 3-sides, we will finally have the privacy and quiet that we have craved. 

So, what’s wrong?  Partly, I won’t be able to relax until we have the keys for the new house in our hands. I’m pretty sure the people purchasing our current home are first time homebuyers and their realtor must be fairly new. They were over an hour late when they originally looked at the house which meant I had to leave twice. With two collies. Then the inspection. Don’t get me started. Honestly everything they asked for was minor and cosmetic and that isn’t the purpose of the inspection. But you get to a certain point in the process and you just want it done so you agree even though it kind of infuriates you. And for some reason they showed up when the termite guy came to do the CL100. Um, dudes, no one does that. And even if they do, you need to knock on the door to let me know you are here before you go rummaging around in my garage and walking through the yard like you already own the place. That wasn’t cool and almost made me lose it. We went to sign our portion of the paperwork Friday so that tomorrow could be all about the purchase of our new home. Do you think it went as planned?  Nope, the buyers attorney had not sent the HUD. Still haven’t seen it. And that has to be done before we can buy our new house. 

It doesn’t help that I’m self employed and in the thick of busy season. Luckily I have some great employees and great customers. Only a few people have really tried my patience. When one customer sent me a text a few days ago telling me to HURRY, I almost snapped but as Elsa says I’ve decided to “Let it Go.”  It’s spring. We’re landscapers. It’s busy. Get over it. (By the way, I’m not being flippant. I am consistently told we are the most responsive service provider that people work with and that we get estimates out and work done quicker than almost everyone.)

I’m trying to have faith that all will go as planned or at least close enough to plan tomorrow. Like I said, all I want is the keys to my new house. And about 3 bottles of wine that first night. 

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