Review – White Night (The Dresden Files, #9) by Jim Butcher

91475Once again, Harry is called upon to help investigate a case, unofficially, for the police.  Murphy doesn’t believe a woman committed suicide and Harry finds evidence to support that. They discover that the deaths of several low-grade magic practitioners have been labeled incorrectly.  Who is targeting these women and why would they leave a message at this scene for Harry?  It starts to look like Thomas, Harry’s half-brother/White Court vamp, might be involved.  And, a gray cloak (warden?) has also been at the scenes.  Vampire power struggles, covens of suspicious witches, an apprentice who is a typical teenage girl.  What else will Harry have to deal with?

This is another solid installment in the series.  But, something wasn’t quite there for me.

Molly, Harry’s apprentice, serves a purpose in the story.  I get it.  But, yeah, I just don’t like her.  She’s a brat and doesn’t get the danger she puts herself and therefore Harry in when she doesn’t listen to his instructions.  Hopefully she’ll grow up and not be the death of Harry.  Luckily she isn’t a primary character in White Night.

Murphy, our other main female character, was a little two-dimensional.  Now that she’s been demoted she doesn’t have the same power in the police force.  Maybe she is feeling that and it comes through the pages.  She gets to kick butt a few times but I keep waiting for her character to take it the next level.  I know there is something coming for her and after 9 books I’m anxious to get there.

Harry, Harry, Harry.  I love you like a brother but seriously you need to find a girlfriend.  Stat.  I can hardly pay attention to the main storyline with your panting over every woman you see.  I know Murphy doesn’t seem to be an option.  And, Lara, yeah, stay away from that crazy vamp.  But there’s got to be someone out there who can, how do I put this delicately, get that monkey off your back.

4/5 stars.  A good story with great pacing.  Just needed more oomph.

2 thoughts on “Review – White Night (The Dresden Files, #9) by Jim Butcher

    • I’m looking forward to liking Molly. I was hoping she would grow out of the things that are so annoying. I think Butcher has made me believe in a better Karrin and when she doesn’t show up it’s a disappointment.

      Has he said how many books he plans or will he just keep going?

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