Review – The Gathering Storm (In Darkness We Must Abide #13) by Rhiannon Frater

Beautiful lonely girl  in long dressSurvivors of the purge are trying to regroup and find a way to stop Aeron before he destroys everything and everyone to get to Vanora.

Now that Vanora knows more about Aeron’s past and what has driven him to this point, she does feel conflicted.  She was literally made for him.  But while her blood may yearn to be his, her heart still belongs to Armando.  And, if we know anything about Vanora at this point, it’s that she is stubborn and won’t let a little thing like fate get in the way of what she wants.

One of the reasons IDWMA works is the serial format.  I’m not sure why more authors don’t do this.  The episodes are a great length for a quick afternoon read and it keeps you hooked until you get your hands on the next one.  I knew I had Episode 14 on my kindle and it was all I could do to hold off on reading it until I wrote the review of this one.  My fingers were itching to hit the buttons and find out more.

We get plenty of vampy and witchy goodness in this installment.  Vanora has grown so much since we first met her.  Physically, emotionally and with her powers.  Aeron wasn’t in the forefront in The Gathering Storm but his presence was still looming over Armando through the edict.  Poor Armando – the woman you love is meant for someone else, basically your vamp father.  Seeing Vanora and Armando try to work through this was painful but it was a page-turner.  Vanora isn’t going to let a little edict stand between her and the man she loves.

So good.  5/5 stars.  (Yes!  Review is written so now I am going to read Episode 14.  See you later!)

Thank you to the author for providing an e-copy through the read-along in exchange for an honest review.

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