Review – Walking Dead (Walker Papers #4)

6350486Joanne Walker has settled in as a detective partnering with her friend, Billy.  She finally has a romantic life and is dating “Thor” aka Edward from the motor pool.  She is even coming to terms with her shamanic power and what it means for her long-term.  Everything seems to be going well.  So, of course, it all goes to hell during a Halloween party.

These books are still kind of all over the place.  There is too much going on with Shamans, Ghosts, Zombies, the Wild Hunt, etc.  But, because Joanne is such a relatable character, you still want to follow her on this journey.  She makes bad decisions but has the best of intentions.  It’s hard not to pull for her.

What I love most is Joanne’s relationships.  Gary was out of the picture for part of this installment but when he  came on the scene, he showed why he is one of the first people she calls when it’s about to go down.  He may be older but I’d pick him for my dodgeball team anytime.  Billy is a loyal work partner and continues to be one of the most supportive people in her life.  (I also love the fact that the author didn’t allow Mel, Billy’s wife, to hate Joanne.  She supports Joanne and is a strong female influence in her life.  Too often in urban fantasy we are given these great female main characters who are hated by all the women around them.  It’s a sad statement and, thank goodness, CE Murphy didn’t go down that path.)

I’m not going to talk about Thor.  You’ll have to read Walking Dead to determine your own feelings about him.  But, Morrison…I know Joanne made the decision to take the detective’s position and he is her boss.  Still there is so much brewing on the pages between them.  And she deserves to be with someone who will be her partner in life, ride with the Wild Hunt when he needs to get to her and blow away zombies without flinching.  It would be nice to see further movement in their relationship.  We’ll see.  (Now, I admit that I am pro-Morrison and Joanne.  But, my goodness, when Cernunnos comes on the scene a small part of me really wants her to explore that possibility.  There, I said it.)

4/5 stars.


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