Review – Fate’s Edge (The Edge #3) by Ilona Andrews

fates edgeFirst things first, I adore the wife and husband writing team of Ilona Andrews. They are great writers and seem like pretty cool people. And, for the most part I have devoured their books. Honestly, I’m not sure they could write a bad book if they tried.


For some reason the Edge series isn’t resonating with me. Fate’s Edge is my least favorite of all their books so far. That makes me sad.

We are back in the Edge. Kaldar Mar (Cerise’s cousin) is working for the Mirror and is tasked with finding a stolen artifact. One of the thieves was Audrey Callahan. She was trying to stay clean and work a real job but was sucked in for one last steal by her no good father. Audrey and Kaldar have to work together to recover the artifact which could be used to cause great damage. While they are fighting the Hand they also have to deal with a couple of Edge teenagers (Rose’s brothers and Kaldar’s cousin) and their growing attraction.

What I liked:

– World building – IA always delivers. We learn more about the Edge and the Weird. Kaldar and Audrey each have interesting magical gifts that kept this part of the story fresh. The fight between the Hand and the Mirror is also ramped up. Honestly, I sometimes have trouble telling who is who and definitely which side to root for.

– Kaldar – Interestingly enough, I liked the male lead better than the female lead. This never happens with Andrews so I’m not sure what to think about that. Kaldar was fun, witty, talented and the right mix of bad boy with a golden heart.

– The younglings – WHAT? Jack, George and Gaston were an integral part of this story and I loved continuing their story.

Not so much:

– The storyline – Meh. It felt kind of recycled. Man and woman are forced to work together by outside forces. He immediately starts lusting after her, she puts up a token effort and then they get married ten days later. They fight the forces of evil and win. All three books in this series have followed this formula and I was hoping for a few surprises. Sometimes a reader needs to be slapped in the face (kill a main character, don’t give them a HEA, the bad guy wins).

– Audrey – It truly pains me to say this. The female lead is usually one of the best things in an IA story. Here I just didn’t care for her. She was a cookie cutter good girl with bad parents. Other than her big boobs and the fact that she can magically pick locks, I cannot see what Kaldar was attracted to. Plus, I have a bone to pick. EVERY female MC is 23-25 years old in this world. The men can be anywhere from 28-35 but the women cap out at 25. Audrey is 23. Kaldar is 32. Her freaking pre-frontal cortex isn’t even fully developed. Yet she’s ready to marry Kaldar after 10 days. I’m not buying into these too-young leads anymore. Show me a real woman who has a little experience.

3/5 stars. I have book 4 on deck soon and am apprehensive. The male lead is Richard (another Mar who is probably also in his early 30’s). I’m not sure about the female but she looks about 12 years old on the cover. That isn’t a good sign. Please let it be okay.

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