Review – Ashes of Honor (October Daye #6)

Untitled-2I am simply loving this series now!

(This review may contain spoilers for prior books.)

Toby is suffering.  Since Connor’s death she’s not taking care of herself as she should and is taking unnecessary risks.  When a fellow knight’s Changeling daughter goes missing she is called on to find her.  While her friends are there to help, Toby has to find a way to move forward. At the same time, Tybalt is facing his own problems in the Court of Cats.

Each book is just getting better and better.  In Ashes of Honor, we see Toby moving on with her life and doing what she does best.  She’s still figuring out her magic and where she fits.  But, this Toby has grown exponentially from book one and is a strong woman with so much more to do.

Plus – oh yes!  There is plenty of Tybalt here.  The drama in the Court of Cats kept me on the edge of my seat and I wasn’t sure where it was headed.  Wow!  The friendship between Toby and Tybalt has been a constant throughout.  Now that we are seeing them move towards accepting their feelings and having a real romantic relationship, it has made the wait worthwhile.  Have I told you recently how much I love Tybalt?  He is seriously one of the best UF males out there.  Alpha to the max as the King of Cats but he is all about accepting Toby for who she is and letting her make her own mistakes.  (The author recently posted a short story from his perspective that takes place right after Ashes of Honor.  It was exceptional.  And, it’s free on her website!!)

5/5 stars.  Everything urban fantasy should be.

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