Review – Blood Rites (Book 6 of the Dresden Files)

99383“There’s what’s right,” the old man said, “and then there’s what’s necessary. They ain’t always the same.”

Finally!  A 5-star read in the Dresden Files.

Harry is hired by Thomas (his vampire semi-friend) to help protect someone he knows.  Turns out it is a porn film producer and Harry has to go undercover as a production assistant on a film set.  There is quite a bit more going on and it’s up to Harry to find the bad guys and finish the job without getting himself killed.

What makes this one so good?  It has the same humorous undertones as we’ve seen in the past.  Harry isn’t a prude but he also isn’t the kind of guy to hang around a porn set.  He’s embarrassed and doesn’t quite know how to handle seeing scantily clad women walking around while he’s trying to work.  He blushes to put it mildly.

Butcher also gives us more drama with several big reveals about Harry and some of his friends.  I finally felt a connection with him through the emotions he felt (surprise, longing, disappointment, betrayal and anger.)  His life has never been dull but it seems to get more complicated every day.  We learned one thing in particular that was a bit of a game changer and will impact the series going forward.

Watching Harry struggle through decisions that he has to make is part of what makes these books work.  He has such a strict moral code that he holds himself to yet he is realizing that things aren’t always black and white.

I’ve had some complaints about Harry’s attitude towards women in the past.  In Blood Rites, though, we see him call on help from his friend, Karrin Murphy.  He has always trusted her but now that she knows even more about the supernatural world, he is treating her as an equal.  Listen, Harry is always going to notice (and comment on) the females around him.  He’s a very red-blooded male in that way.  As long as he treats those women with respect, he and I will get along fine.

5/5 stars and highly recommended.  There is a great balance of drama, humor and the supernatural.  (But you really do need to start from the beginning of the series to appreciate Harry and get the entire story.)

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