Review – The Ice Princess by Camilla Lackberg

the ice princessDo you ever walk through a book store and just browse?  Unfortunately for my finances I do this too much.  On one of these visits I saw this book sitting on the shelf.  Something about the cover called to me and I read the synopsis.  “Masterful suspense.”  “…a deadly secret is at stake.” I was sold.

Then, it sat on my shelf at home because I didn’t have it in my mental rotation and I couldn’t find a good place to fit it in for reading.  About a week ago I decided that I was going to change my method of choosing my next book and would “force in” one of these random reads every 3rd or 4th book.  This was first.  Why did I wait so long?

One of the things I really liked about this was Erica.  She’s the main character (in my opinion even though the author may think Patrik is primary).  She’s smart and beautiful but very real.  When she describes trying to choose clothes for a date and whether to wear her tummy control hose or something sexier, I knew she was my kind of female character.  She worries about her weight but doesn’t deprive herself.

It was also interesting to read a very similar inner dialogue for Patrik.  He chooses his clothes for their date and also worries about the fact that he’s gained a few pounds.  Finally, someone recognizes that both men and women have insecurities and fears.

The mystery was very well written and kept me interested throughout.  Lackberg did a good job of creating just enough tension and drama without having it become convoluted with unnecessary twists.  The supporting cast helped round out the story.  The author was able to give some characters to love, some to hate and others to pity.

There is some tough subject matter included and if you have certain triggers (rape and pedophilia to be specific), just be aware.  The author is sensitive and, I think, does a good job with it but it’s tough to read.  And, you will want to kill a couple of fictional people.

A very good read and highly recommended.  4/5 stars.  (I think this is a series so now I just have to pick up book two.  Right?)

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