Review – Coyote Dreams (Book Three: The Walker Papers) by C.E. Murphy

coyote dreamsWell, color me surprised.  I was convinced this would be my last venture into the world of the Walker Papers.   Then C.E. Murphy pulled out a 4-star read.  What?

Joanne Walker is back.  All around her cops are succumbing to the “Blue Flu”. They are randomly falling asleep and unable to be awakened.  Of course it’s all related to Joanne and her new shaman powers so it’s up to her to save the day.

Listen, Joanne is still kind of a mess in book three.  She hasn’t figured out her powers and sometimes doesn’t seem that interested.  While she wants to help people she doesn’t like being known as the crazy shaman lady. She considers herself less than desirable to the men around her and blames herself for everything bad that happens.  But…

BUT…she is finally starting to get there.  Accepting her powers and accepting herself – inside and out.  We started to see some real growth in her character and I can feel a Joanne starting to emerge that I can pull for.

The supporting cast continues to grow and Murphy does a good job with their development.  Of course, Gary and Coyote are important.  Coyote?!?!?  Morrison, aka Boss, is still an enigma but I am looking forward to getting to know him more as Joanne figures out their relationship.  A few temporary characters for this installment aren’t as fleshed out but that’s okay.  They were still able to play their parts even if I had more questions.

Joanne does go in and out of the spirit world quite a bit in this installment and you have to be okay with spending about half the book in her garden or another plane.  I felt it made sense for this storyline but hope it doesn’t continue in future stories.  Give me more real world action.

Overall a solid story that was a lot of fun.  Yes, I’m going to read book four!

3 thoughts on “Review – Coyote Dreams (Book Three: The Walker Papers) by C.E. Murphy

  1. I am a huge Joanna fan… I enjoyed every one of the books, and invested in the stories on Audible. I suppose I identify with her. I am half Native American, and have a lot of the same emotional problems that she does, so I could really identify with her. Yes, I get aggravated with her, but being white on the outside and red on the inside? It’s tough – and what happened to her when she was young really tears up the mind, believe me… 😦 I hope you continue to read the books and let me know if you find that they improve in your eyes. 😉 ❤

    • I identify with Joanne too and have appreciated that she isn’t a cookie cutter heroine. I’m 6′ tall like her and understand how you sometimes feel like a giant in a world full of pixies. Something with the 2nd book didn’t work for me but I really liked this one. I have number 4 already. 🙂

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