Review – Fool Moon (The Dresden Files #2)

fool moonHarry Dresden – Wizard – is back for the 2nd installment of the Dresden Files.  He’s still having money issues and most of his associates don’t really trust him because of the events in book one.  Now he’s being called in to help investigate a murder.  The problem is that he’s also a suspect and as usual things aren’t as they seem.

I am starting to really love this series.  Harry is a strong character and the supporting cast is well-rounded with good and bag guys, friends and foes.  The world building is exceptional with interesting magical elements.  While reading you will find yourself laughing out loud, wincing in sympathetic pain and yelling at one character or another.

But, it’s not perfect and I really want to continue to see improvement in future books (I better since I’ve already invested in the entire series.  Oy!)

The first thing that kind of sticks out is that Harry, while an experienced wizard, makes some dumb decisions.  Now, I loved the book and I want you to read it so no spoilers.  But, come on, Harry.  What are you thinking?  And as a side note – quit blaming yourself for every little bad thing that happens to those around you.  It’s endearing at first but then becomes almost narcissistic.  The world doesn’t revolve around you.

Harry is also a chauvinist.  I mentioned it in my review of book one and it’s even more evident now.  I’m giving him (and the author) a lot of leeway here with a few more books to get it right.  I think he deserves some time as I don’t sense any malice in his actions or even that he fully understands how insulting he can be.  There are scenes where he may be learning from his mistakes and starting to treat the women around him as equals.  I hope so.

Overall an enjoyable book full of great fun and highly recommended.  4/5 stars.

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