Review – Bayou Moon (The Edge #2)

bayou moonIlona Andrews knows how to write a strong female character.  That is one of the things I love about reading her books.  Bayou Moon, the second book in The Edge series, gives us Cerise Mar.  She is the de facto leader of her family who own a lot of land in the swamps of the Edge.  They are embroiled in a Hatfield and McCoy type feud with another clan, the Sheeriles.  Between her family’s enemies and the magical forces that want something from her, there is a lot to deal with – especially since her parents were just kidnapped and the Sheeriles have set up camp in her grandparent’s old house.  Insert William.  Remember him from Book One?  He’s the changeling outsider who is/was friends with Declan.  He has been recruited to find and kill the Spider (who happens to be looking for Cerise).  They have to work together to fight their common enemies.

This is another great story with well written characters and strong world building.  For most of the pages you feel that you are deep in the swamp with Cerise and William.  It’s muggy, dirty and dangerous.  There are natural and magical enemies all around.  Cerise’s magic is close enough to what we already know of this world but with an interesting twist.  William is a much more rounded character than in book one and we learn some of his backstory and how he came to be William the Wolf.  I liked him in On the Edge and I like him even more now.

So, why am I only giving this 4/5 stars?  Beats me.  Something didn’t click.  Something I can’t articulate.  The writing is great, the characters pull you in and the story held my interest.  But…I don’t know.  It seemed a little long at 447 pages (and this is coming from someone who loves big books).  Longer than other urban fantasies at least.  Maybe it could have been pared down.  For me, the least favorite part of this world is The Weird (with full magic).  Maybe I don’t know enough about it since the books focus on The Edge (and I live in the Broken, duh).  I wonder if books three or four will explore the Weird more fully?  I’ll tell you soon as I plan to finish them ASAP.  You can’t go wrong with Ilona Andrews.

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