Review – Libriomancer (Magic ex Libris #1) by Jim Hines

libriomancerLibriomancer has been on my “maybe one day” shelf for quite a while.  With so many other books to read, I had honestly kind of forgotten about the series.  But then I read a blog post by the author (where he endeared himself to almost every blogger who reviews books) and decided I had to purchase this one immediately.  My fingers were crossed that I would like the book as much as I was starting to like the author.  Thankfully it was a success.

Isaac is a libriomancer – which means his magic is the ability to reach into books and pull out items like phasers, swords and potions.  The Porters, a secret society, are tasked with keeping magic a secret from the general public.  Someone has declared war against the Porters and it’s up to Isaac to save the day.

Hines did a great job starting to build this magical world.  There are libriomancers, vampires, dryads, robots (kind of)  and more.  For a nerd like me the amount of book loving in the story was a treat.  It’s a geek’s fantasy with references to Dr. Who, Sherlock Holmes, Star Trek.  He incorporates real books like Dracula, Oz, and even the more recent Feed by Mira Grant. But he also creates a few new books for the story (can I just say these books sound awesome and someone should write them?)

As with most urban fantasies, the characters are most important.  Since it’s book one, there is still some work to be done but overall Hines was able to give us a strong foundation for Isaac, the Porters and Lena, the dryad love interest.  Smudge, a magical spider, is surprisingly effective as a secondary character and somehow works.  I can’t believe I actually liked a spider?!?!?

A wonderful start to this series and highly recommended for fans of Urban Fantasy and for book lovers in general.  4/5 stars.

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